About Michelle

Hello! My name is Michelle and this is my crafts blog, initially began as a personal blog before making the transition to a writing portfolio and then it was revamped again into a crafts-only blog and website. The three crafts that are primarily showcased on this website are crochet, jewellery and knitting.

I am also interested in working with polymer clay, paper crafts (card making and paper folding), sewing and embroidery (mostly cross-stitching).

I’ve been designing and making my own jewellery since 2000. I first learned how to knit in 1997 and picked it up again 2006, about the same time when I learned how to crochet. I strive to learn new techniques and new stitches all the time and I work towards making my original pieces unique and full of their own personality.

I’m all over the place online. Some places where you might be able to find me are:

  • – general crafts forum – my username: onelastminuet (member since: 2006)
  • – knit and crochet forum – my username: chelle-chelle (member since: 2009)

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