Free Crochet Patterns

My username on Ravelry is chelle-chelle, you can find my designer page under Michelle Wong.

All free patterns are available in either PDF format or directly in the blog post. You can view them in your web browser or right-click on the link and choose Save As to view the file on your own computer. You can also print out the file to have a working copy so you can work on the project while not on the computer.

Not sure about the difficulty levels? I use the definitions from the Craft Yarn Council of America.

Beginner: Projects for first-time crocheters using basic stitches. Minimal shaping.

Easy: Projects using yarn with basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

Intermediate: Projects using a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns or color patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.

Experienced: Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks, detailed shaping and refined finishing.

Crochet Ribbed Cowl – December 2009

An easy-to-make crocheted cowl, all you need is bulky weight yarn and an appropriate hook. Make one for yourself or for a friend, a cowl is a great accessory to have on a windy day.

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Interested? Click to go to the Crochet Ribbed Cowl pattern.

Ruse – A Cloche-Inspired Crochet Hat – January 2010

Looking for a hat in a simple style? Inspired by the classic cloche of the 1920’s, the Ruse uses a few simple stitches to create a hat that is both stylish and quick to crochet.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Interested? Click to go to the Ruse – A Cloche-Inspired Hat pattern.

Blythe Monster Hat – March 2010

Create a unique hat for the best doll in the world, Blythe! This hat can be scary or cute, depending on how you decorate it. Sized for Neo-Blythe dolls, this is sure to be a cute addition to any dolly wardrobe.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Interested? Click to go to the Blythe Monster Hat pattern.

A Little Filet Crochet Scarf – January 2011

A little filet goes a long way and the A Little Filet Crochet Scarf is a great way for crocheters to learn and master the technique of filet crochet. You get to learn something new and get a great scarf when you’re done!

Difficulty Level: Easy
Interested? Click to go to the A Little Filet Crochet Scarf pattern.

Crochet Sampler Stitch Scarf – March 2011

Beginner projects don’t need to be boring or overly simple. With a nice combination of new-to-you stitches, you can make yourself a stylish scarf that will help you practice new crochet stitches (hdc, dc, tr) while coming up with something more intricate than a scarf made out of single crochet stitches. crochet sampler stitch scarf free pattern

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Interested? Click to go to the Crochet Sampler Stitch Scarf pattern.

8 Responses to “Free Crochet Patterns”

  1. Kathy Muller says:

    I love your cloche hat. I try to make a little extra money selling items I crochet on E-bay. I would like to make this hat and try selling it. May I have your permission to use this pattern? You can check me out at E-bay. I don’t have a store and don’t always have things on but my name is: kathym51. Thank you and God bless, Kathy

  2. MARY says:

    I just maid the cloche hat. I tried using an H hook at first but the gauge was too small and tight so I finally used a J. The hat came out large, which fit me but I really want to make hats for cancer patients so maybe the acrylic yarn I used was wrong? I don’t want to use wool because a lot of people can’t handle wool next to their skin. I’m not very experienced with yarn terms, like worsted. I want a soft yarn for this and would appreciate any suggestions about yarn and if you know of any other simple crochet hat patterns. I have a lot of time on my hands these days, as I’m also a cancer patient, but my chemo doesn’t cause loss of hair. I’d just like to start giving back to other patients. Thanks for your time.

  3. MARY says:

    Sorry, that should have been ‘made’ the cloche hat.

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