Each icon links to either a page or a blog entry about a specific project. These pages will have photos and information about the projects that I’ve done. Some of this information might include links to the original pattern, mentions of the colours I’ve used and the brands of yarns.

Original patterns written by me will be clearly labeled, please read any information regarding the use of the pattern before using it. Any questions regarding patterns from will be answered, please do not ask for help for patterns written by other crocheters.

Projects are listed with the newest project at the top of the page.

Completed Amigurumi Projects

chelle-chelle-dot-com-1108-octopus 0909cupcakes 0905-octopus 0905-bomb 0903-mice 0903-owl 0903-zero

Completed Wearable Projects sampler stitch scarf free pattern 0912-slouchyhat 0912-gnomehat 0910hat 0908bearhat blythehat 0907bluehat

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