Making Cute; Baby Octo

Written on August 9, 2011 at 9:38 pm
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It was a friend’s birthday recently and I needed a gift. With work and being lazy (hah!) I decided to craft something. Armed with the knowledge that she’s a fan of cute and appreciates handcrafted goods, I decided to make her a bundle of cute. Because everyone loves cute things, right?

I started with the head/body with big cutesy black eyes. Safety-eyes are fantastic.


Then I crocheted a little leg and another and another until I had oodles of little legs. At two ends per leg, also with two ends for the head/body, it’s a lot of ends for one little cutie.


But with a trusty yarn needle I sewed and sewed and tucked and tucked until all the ends were tucked away into a stuffed little ball and he looked like this:


But he’s not as cute as he is when you can see his cute little face! World, meet Baby Octo. Baby Octo, here’s the world:


A pattern for Baby Octo is currently in the works, I just need to edit it and make sure it’s correct!

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