Request for your unwanted pop can tabs!

Written on September 1, 2009 at 10:24 pm
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I have the greatest idea in the whole wide world for a crochet project. And it involves using those little aluminum tabs that are on pop cans.

And I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh, well, that’s an easy thing to get a hold of!”. Umm, wrong!

Because I rarely, if ever,  drink pop. And people in my house don’t really drink pop either.

So if you’re my friend (and know me offline and I actually see you from time to time…) collect them for me? I’d love you forever. And so will my future crochet project that involves those little aluminum tabs that are on pop cans. I would greatly appreciate it and would prefer the silver ones (I know there are some that are red and blue or whatever, but I would like the silver ones) that are rounded and not square-ish.

Please and thank you!

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