Mini June update

Written on June 21, 2009 at 6:51 pm
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Hey everyone! My current craft projects have been revolving a lot around jewellery and I’m highly considering making a light box for photography purposes – the weather’s been drab today and I had really wanted to get some photos taken of my recent jewellery creations!

I have been working on a new layout for this website, it’s going to be a little bit less blog-ish, I think, once I’m done and a little bit more into showcasing my crafts – jewellery and crochet work. As well as the packaging that I’m working on for those as well. It’s rather awesome what one can do with cardstock and a printer. I’ve also been deciding if I want to keep ‘’ (which would end up on any jewellery packaging that I do…) or to pick another name.

Decisions decisions…

But at least I think the new layout is almost done!

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