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Written on June 22, 2010 at 7:34 pm
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So much has changed since I last posted here! Since May 10th, I’ve started work full time (temporarily until September when school starts again). Toadette is currently sitting on my desk at work and has her hands on the highlighters that I use. I also participated in another handmade Blythe swap  (theme was ‘geekcraft’!) and right now I’m working on a few new patterns to share!

The first pattern is an infant/child hat pattern – it will be available in three sizes and so far I’ve got two of the hat sizes all figured out. I’m still working on the last prototype hat before I get the hats tried out on people who are appropriately aged for them. I’m hoping to get the pattern finalized and up on the site before the end of the month!

The next project I’d like to mention is that I’m working on is a sampler stitch scarf for beginning crocheters who want practice with all the different stitches that there are for crochet (i.e. single, half-double, double, triple) all in one scarf! It’s looking pretty good so far and that pattern should be made available by early to mid July.

The last/third pattern that I’ve been working on is a little monster! I’m really excited about this one because he’s super cute and will be the star in part 2 of the upcoming article all about eyes for amigurumi! The pattern for my little monster should be available by early to mid July as well.