A little Goomba plush

Written on January 5, 2012 at 9:05 pm
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I’m a sucker for cute things. I really do enjoy crochet cute things with big eyes. Goomba was no exception. For Mario fans, you should recognize this little cutie. I made him for a gift a while back and never got around to posting photos of him. He was about 10cm (4″) in height. I used 5 different types of yarn (mostly Bernat Supersaver or Red Heart Supersaver; the feet were out of Bernat Satin).

I did not use a pattern (I made it up as I went along) and I will not be publishing a pattern for him (mostly because I don’t remember what I did and because Goomba is a trademarked character by Nintendo). I hope you like him.

Making Cute; Baby Octo

Written on August 9, 2011 at 9:38 pm
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It was a friend’s birthday recently and I needed a gift. With work and being lazy (hah!) I decided to craft something. Armed with the knowledge that she’s a fan of cute and appreciates handcrafted goods, I decided to make her a bundle of cute. Because everyone loves cute things, right?

I started with the head/body with big cutesy black eyes. Safety-eyes are fantastic.


Then I crocheted a little leg and another and another until I had oodles of little legs. At two ends per leg, also with two ends for the head/body, it’s a lot of ends for one little cutie.


But with a trusty yarn needle I sewed and sewed and tucked and tucked until all the ends were tucked away into a stuffed little ball and he looked like this:


But he’s not as cute as he is when you can see his cute little face! World, meet Baby Octo. Baby Octo, here’s the world:


A pattern for Baby Octo is currently in the works, I just need to edit it and make sure it’s correct!

Whoops, little delay!

Written on July 9, 2010 at 9:00 am
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There’s a delay in getting my cupcake hat pattern up- I only got my sample hats out to my testers today (for trying on for size, etc.) and I’m still waiting to hear from my test crocheter (which should be today, as she let me know yesterday that she’d get it done and send me her thoughts on it. So I’m hoping to get that done soon.

My little monster amigurumi is nearly done as well, I just need to make a few final touches and to take photos of it and then finalize the pattern before getting that up, yay! It’s going to be pretty interesting!

What would you name a monster with 3 eyes?

What’s coming soon at!

Written on June 22, 2010 at 7:34 pm
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So much has changed since I last posted here! Since May 10th, I’ve started work full time (temporarily until September when school starts again). Toadette is currently sitting on my desk at work and has her hands on the highlighters that I use. I also participated in another handmade Blythe swap  (theme was ‘geekcraft’!) and right now I’m working on a few new patterns to share!

The first pattern is an infant/child hat pattern – it will be available in three sizes and so far I’ve got two of the hat sizes all figured out. I’m still working on the last prototype hat before I get the hats tried out on people who are appropriately aged for them. I’m hoping to get the pattern finalized and up on the site before the end of the month!

The next project I’d like to mention is that I’m working on is a sampler stitch scarf for beginning crocheters who want practice with all the different stitches that there are for crochet (i.e. single, half-double, double, triple) all in one scarf! It’s looking pretty good so far and that pattern should be made available by early to mid July.

The last/third pattern that I’ve been working on is a little monster! I’m really excited about this one because he’s super cute and will be the star in part 2 of the upcoming article all about eyes for amigurumi! The pattern for my little monster should be available by early to mid July as well.

Productivity looks like Toadette

Written on May 10, 2010 at 9:25 pm
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A short while ago, an online friend commented on how she’d love a mushroom Blythe hat that would look like Toadette’s head (pink with white dots). I was sure I could do it, since I had done one in red and white, but I got bored today, and umm, I ended up with this little friend:

Meet Toadette, a minor character from Nintendo’s Mario series. She first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as Toad’s (her male counterpart) racing partner. She has since appeared in multiple Mario games.

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