A dozen cupcakes

Written on September 4, 2009 at 10:55 pm
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This week (I started on Sunday, August 30th and finished Thursday, September 3rd) I crocheted a dozen cupcakes from BitterSweet’s Quick Cupcakes pattern. Today was my last day at work for the summer so I decided to make parting gifts. Now, my sister Jenny issued me a challenge: to make each cupcake unique in colour combination. I had to only use what we had in our house (thank goodness for stockpiling during yarn sales at the crafts store…), although buying additional stuffing was permitted (… how on earth can you have cupcakes without the stuffing?).

This is definitely a pattern that I will consider using again, the name certainly doesn’t lie as it works up fast (I worked on them between 1-2 hours per day from Sunday to Thursday and got a dozen done).

All my coworkers loved them and some even asked if I bought them! They also thought it’d take hours for each one and were all very pleased with how cute they were. Granted, most of them commented on how they now have a super-cute stress ball at their desk (meep!) but overall, they all loved their new cupcakes, which I was really happy about.

Pattern: Quick Cupcakes

Here is what I had done by early Thursday evening:


There are 6 ‘chocolate’ bases, 6 ‘vanilla’ bases, 6 cupcake tops for the chocolate bases and 4 cupcake tops for the vanilla bases (I later crocheted 1 navy blue and 1 light pink cupcake tops).

Here are all the vanilla based-cupcakes, all lined up together on a white plastic chair:


Colours of the tops from left to right (in case it’s difficult to tell): light pink, dark green, light orange, dark pink, chocolate brown, navy blue.

And here are all the chocolate based-cupcakes, all lined up together!


Colours of the tops from left to right (in case it’s difficult to tell): vanilla, light orange, dark pink, white, light pink, yellow.

And here is a just-for-fun shot that my sister did:


And lastly, this is how they were presented to my coworkers that I was gifting them to (the box is a plain white shirt box):


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  1. Jenn says:

    They’re so cute! But now you’ve got me SERIOUSLY craving cupcakes. Luckily for my diet, I’m all out of butter, so I’m SOL!

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