A long time no post

Written on December 27, 2010 at 8:21 pm
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Hello everyone!

I may have disappeared for a little while. After September started, I was busy with school and time for crafting had (very unfortunately) fell to the wayside. I am looking forward for the beginning of 2011 though, I do have a few patterns that I’m going to be posting up on the site for:

  • The cupcake hat (finally!)
  • A filet-crochet mesh scarf
  • Blythe-sized hats

The patterns will go up in January and February. I am starting up school again January, but given how my schedule looks, it’s going to allow myself for a little bit more time with the crafting overall, which I think is a total win!

I also have a few more reference articles, mostly on amigurumi and crochet techniques that I’m really looking forward to getting up soon. All I really need to do is finalize the editing and then take the photos to illustrate the points and for examples.

I hope everyone’s been doing well, and if you’re looking for some fun, beginner-friendly crochet projects, be sure to check out my patterns page.

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