Crochet Hook Charts

The important thing to consider when using a hook is if it will get you the correct gauge for your project. If a pattern lists a 5.00mm hook but your gauge is off, you will need to either choose a larger hook or a smaller hook, irrespective of what the pattern tells you to use.

For aluminum or plastic crochet hooks

Most modern patterns include hook sizes in either metric sizes or US sizes. Canadian/British sizes can be found in older patterns, but most patterns published in Canada or the UK now use metric sizes, in mm.

US sizing can vary between manufacturers, so be sure to see if the pattern lists a metric hook size.

This sizing chart also applies to hooks made of other materials, such as wood or bamboo.

Metric Sizes US Sizes Canadian/UK Sizes
2.00mm 14
2.25mm B-1 13
2.50mm 12
2.75mm C-2
3.00mm 11
3.25mm D-3 10
3.50mm E-4 9
3.75mm F-5
4.00mm G-6 8
4.50mm 7 7
5.00mm H-8 6
5.50mm I-9 5
6.00mm J-10 4
6.50mm K-10.5 3
7.00mm 2
8.00mm L-11 0
9.00mm M or N 00
10.00mm N or P 000
15.00mm P or Q
16.00mm Q
19.00mm S

For steel crochet hooks

Steel hooks are used primarily with thread or lace-weight yarn. It’s unlikely to find plastic or bamboo hooks in these sizes due to the high likelihood that it would break.

Like with the larger crochet hooks, sizes do vary between manufacturers. The general trend for steel crochet hooks is that as the hook gets smaller in (metric) size, the US (or Canadian/UK) size gets larger in number.

Metric Sizes US Sizes Canadian/UK Sizes
3.00mm 00
2.50mm 0 00
2.00mm 1 1
1.95mm 2
1.85mm 3
1.75mm 4 2
1.70mm 5
1.60mm 6
1.50mm 7 2.5
1.25mm 8 3
1.15mm 9
1.00mm 10 4
0.80mm 11
0.75mm 12 5
0.70mm 13
0.60mm 14 6

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