Blythe swap package (progress!)

Written on February 19, 2010 at 12:02 pm
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I signed up for a Blythe-related swap, send out date is March 1st. The theme was spring and the criteria that I imposed on the swap was that everything had to be handcrafted by the sender. I clearly have issues regarding what is considered to be ‘spring’ though.

Item #1: Flower hat! Modeled by Belarus. Side view:

Top view (yellow centre should have been made larger, but I ran out):

Item #2: Red and white gnome hat that clearly belongs in December, not Spring. Modeled by Eden.

Item #3: Bright purple scarf. Modeled by Belarus.

Item #4: Navy blue coat. Still needs snaps and buttons. Modeled by Sophie.

Group shot of everything.

Not pictured is a melted knitted sweater (the yarn labeled stated that it was 100% wool, but it was clearly not… It melted after I tried to steam block it with an iron from at least 3 inches away – it was acrylic). I’m still going to be sewing a dress for the swap and then I think my package will be complete. =)

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  1. Cody says:

    Cute! I really like the flower hat. I really want to start swapping again, but the last few experiences I had weren’t very fun, between my post office apparently hording all my incoming and outgoing mail, and partners that are just in it to rack up swaps and not put much effort into any of them. Obviously your partner won’t have the latter problem. =)

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