Mister Snuffles; a baby present

Written on May 19, 2009 at 8:48 pm
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I have a coworker who’s going to be a dad soon. Whenever I’m working at the company and there’s someone new having a child, I seem to come up with something. Well, it’s only happened twice so far (while I’m employed, don’t really have time to come up with gifts when I’m in school and not finding out that people are going to have kids until like a month after it’s occurred). So here’s some photos of what I’ve come up with! (Picture heavy with 7 awesome shots of Mister Snuffles.)

And this is how it all begins…


The card! The uber-cute image was found via a Google image search…. (Click here to see the original.) Printed with my HP Deskjet printer on white cardstock.


Oh. My. God. WHAT IS IT?! It’s taking over my camera!


It’s Mister Snuffles! The octopus! He is made in Red Heart Soft (dark yellow green), Bernat Satin (jade) and Red Heart Super Saver (black) (all 100% acrylic yarns). He’s lovingly stuffed with 100% polyester stuffing. I used the pattern “Octopode Pandemonium” by PepperKitty over at Craftster. The pattern was changed slightly to make Mister Snuffles a bit wider and longer. Also, I crocheted eyes as I didn’t have any decent sized black child safety eyes available.


And here he is, showing off the fact that he does in fact have eight legs (badly spaced, but he does have eight!).


And he also wanted to show off the fact that he can in fact stand on his own (helps that he’s got eight of this itty bitty legs!).


Just for fun, Mister Snuffles hanging out with Collie (polar bear extraordinaire – he’s almost as old as I am!). After this shot, he went back into the bag with the green tissue paper in anticipation of going to his new home tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Mister Snuffles; a baby present”

  1. Georgina says:

    Aww so cute 🙂 Mr Snuffles is a perfect name ^_^

  2. Jenna says:

    Very cute! I bet the baby will love it =D!

  3. Jake says:

    I want one!

  4. woiya… Saya pernah ding google terus masuk ke jevuska. Saya bingung ini situs apaan kok gak ada yang saya cari. Terus, beneran baru ngeh pas baca tulisan ini. Ternyata banyak yang terjebak jevuska ya. Ahahahaha… Katrooook deh saya baru tahu…

  5. No co tu dużo mówić? Od czasów dzieciństwa Święta kojarzą mi się z pomarańczami. Teraz jest tak dużo ciast, ciastek, batoników …… kiedyś były tylko pomarańcze 😀 Do teraz czując zapach pomarańczy wspominam Święta z dzieciństwa, kiedy w paczce od Mikołaja znajdowało się mnóstwo pomarańczy, a Babcia dzielnie N1ff8am je obierała 😀 Teraz mój Synek ma 3 latka i staram się, aby jego Święta nie kojarzyły się jedynie z batonikami w paczce, które można dostać codziennie w sklepie 🙂 Co roku wkładam do paczki pomarańcz i będę tak robić zawsze! Pozdrawiam 🙂

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